The concept of Granelli’s was born 17 years ago on the south side of Chicago.  After having our first son, then another, my wife Pam and I decided we wanted to relocate back to Colorado to raise our sons in a different environment, one that allowed us to spend more time doing the things we love.  

We had both been involved in various aspects of the restaurant business and knew we wanted something that would allow us to work together.  We discussed different types of restaurants and kept going back to what we knew best – PIZZA!  And not just any pizza!  What we wanted was to bring to Colorado was the type of pizzeria we both grew up with.  No franchise, we didn’t want to be told what and how we had to do things.  We knew we wanted to build the finest in pizzerias like the mom and pop places we grew up with.  No pre-packaged ingredients, no frozen veggies or sausage.  We set out to replicate the south-side pizzeria from scratch – just like we recreate our products.  No preservative laden ingredients or frozen dough.  EVERYTHING we make, we make from scratch!  The dough, the secret pizza sauce, the fresh veggies cut daily and fresh sausage from Carmine Lonardo’s.  

We hope you enjoy the time and dedication we’ve put in to re-creating the Chicago-style pizzeria.  One taste and you’ll be able to tell that this isn’t any ordinary mass produced product.  We thank you for the opportunity to show you the way that Chicago-style pizza was meant to be!

Pam and Grant



Granelli's Pizza The Best Pizza From Chicago Here in Colorado

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